Steve Mednick/Hard Road

Steve Mednick

Steve goes back a long time with the likes of Bob Dylan, Sir Paul McCartney, Stephen Stills, Richard Thompson, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Ray Davies, Joni Mitchell and other great songwriters of our times…he owns all of their albums and has seen many of their concerts. Since 2006 he has recorded and published 166 songs working with Connecticut singer-songwriter and producer Eddie Seville at Cottage Sounds Studios in Middlebury. In addition to Eddie, Steve’s recordings have featured Billy K (of Steel Rodeo), Karl Allweier (of the Bandoleros), Bob Loveday (of Sir Bob Geldoff’s band), Matt Cartsonis (who has partnered with Warren Zevon and John McEuen), Ashley Bathgate (of Bang on a Can All-Stars) and his Hard Road mate, Tony Casagrande.


  1.  Dark Ages Reprise (2006)+ 
  2. Bucket of Steam (2007) 
  3. Ambling Toward the Unknown (2007) 
  4. Time for A Change (2008)+ 
  5. Sunset At the North Pole (2008) 
  6. La Collaborazione Dei Due (2009)* 
  7. What Remains (2010) 
  8. Immigrants…And Other Americans (2011) 
  9. Two Days After Yesterday (2012) 
  10. Where Are the Bodies Buried (2012)+ 
  11. Never Mind the Rain (2014) 
  12. Root of the Sun (2015) 
  13. Ceremony of Innocence (2016)+ 
  14. Following the Thunder (2017)


Steve at Cottage Sound Studio Autumn 2017