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The CDs | Posted on Dec 07 2007
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The song features a harmony between Steve and fellow BOOMer Tony Casagrande with support from producer/arranger Eddie Seville, guitar and BOOM members Larry Rifkin on drums and George Meyers on bass. The song was inspired by Mayor Michael Jarjura’s write-in election victory in 2005 in Waterbury, CT.  It is a special pleasure for native Waterburians Mednick, Casagrande and Rifkin that the song is being played in Europe as an homage to the international democracy movement.

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Immigrants…and Other Americans Reviewed by Muziekvenster

Steve Mednick...has a beautiful, velvety voice and poetic songs are invariably superior quality. Steve Mednick's a songwriter without really being noticed makes the most beautiful things. He started his musical career in 2006 and now has eight albums to his name.   "Immigrants and Other Americans" was co-produced by Eddie Seville on the album has joined on guitar, harp and percussion.

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