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Sunset at the North Pole: "An Intriguing Album" Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine (April 2009).

Sunset at the North Pole: "An Intriguing Album" Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine (April 2009). | Posted on Jun 20 2009
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  Maverick Issue 81 April 2009

 ****Sunset At The North Pole:  Intriguing album that uses a number of extremely talented musicians to create a very peaceful sounding and melodic album.   Bringing you his latest album of fourteen tracks, all of which were written by Steve, this really is a truly fine album that breathes quality right from the very start.

           Beginning with what some could describe as a jamming start, Free Wheelin’ slowly but surely revs up to a very fast beat which certainly takes some beating.  The musicians around Steve respect him but when he takes a breather from singing, the instrumentation hits you like an express train.  Some is provided by Mednick himself, but he is helped out by others effectively.  The Road Home is a track, which would leave even the toughest of characters in a flood of tears.  When the vocals are accompanied with only a piano, such a sound is created which tears at the heartstrings so well that even this reviewer found himself reaching for the tissue box.  It is a fine testament to Mednick, who wrote this songs ___the mark of a fine artist.  Not everyone can reach such emotions in a relatively short period of time, and boy Mednick carries it off in what is the best track f the fourteen.  With an extremely stonking good start, Final Steps has a very positive sound to and is aided by some superb drumming and picking on electric guitar.  Even a spot of fiddling is added in for good measure.  As with the Road Home, it’s amazing to hear this musical combination.  Such a wide array of people involved makes this reviewer want to see this performed live.

           Vagabond on the Road has a mixture of Americana, blues and country.  Such merging of musical genres will always ask many questions.  Surely it must have its faults?  Does the song overstep the mark?  The answer to both of these is a concrete no.  Mednick’s lyrics are both eerie and hauntingly beautiful which is certainly not an easy thing to accomplish.  The concluding track, Shifting Sands, is a peach of a track.  It initially begins with just some tinkling on the piano, but gradually builds up instrument by instrument and note by note.  It is very reminiscent of how big band composers of yesteryear, such as Stan Kenton, worked to great success.  As this track is one to end proceedings it is a reminder that as long as Mednick keeps on writing and performing material; such as this than there is no reason why he could be as popular and successful as those who are household names amongst us Maverick readers.

Russell Hill

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