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Home…I’m a pilgrim in search of salvation
I’m a lonely man look-ing for a bride
I dig deep and wide for the paradise inside
Yet for me it all comes down to home

I don’t need any money, just a place where i belong
Empty riches couldn’t buy something so fine
A place to rest my head near the land I was bred
There is nothing as sweet as my home


I was born in Tejas country north of the Rio Grande
I was raised in Monterrey on the bay
A stranger came a’ calling took the land my father left
I’m outside, I’m all alone and I’m cold


I dream of peace in the valley and lillies in the field
I seek the solace of a breeze in my face
The simple life i led on the land i was bred
There’s nothing as sweet as your home

New Haven, March 2009

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Words and Music by Steve Mednick ©2011 Steven G. Mednick/Prospect Hill Words and Music. ASCAP


Immigrants…and Other Americans Reviewed by Muziekvenster

Steve Mednick...has a beautiful, velvety voice and poetic songs are invariably superior quality. Steve Mednick's a songwriter without really being noticed makes the most beautiful things. He started his musical career in 2006 and now has eight albums to his name.   "Immigrants and Other Americans" was co-produced by Eddie Seville on the album has joined on guitar, harp and percussion.

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