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They say they want their country back
Well it’s my country too, to be exact
They form their militias - drink their tea
They creep me out with simplistic screed
They play with the fire of their words
They say “no” so loud to stampede the herd
The president reads from his see through screen
He’s easy pickin’s he don’t know the scene

They tell their stories without a trace
Of the lies they spread to the human race
They hide behind the veil of fear
Fire and sword defeats the hopeful year
They speak out of both sides of their mouth
they say they’re patriots when they’re really not
Never let the facts or figures get in the way
While they trample on our destiny

Stand up and take them on
It makes no difference if they have the guns
They wave the flags and call us names
it’s time to stand up
And take them on

What is the moral and the lesson learned
If you don’t fought back you won’t be returned
If you don’t tell your story nobody else ever will
And the liars and the jackals don’t stand still
Just take a moment to look around
Who is doing better who is falling down?
Don’t believe everything you hear on t.v.
Who pays for news the purveyors of greed

Say they want free thinkers shout down an honest man
Say the constitution’s sacred yet wouldn’t understand
Say “get off our backs” but “you have no right to chose”
Say shit ‘bout immigrants, their names end in vowels too
There are moments that send a chill down our spins
When the truth emerges from the back of our minds
Better hope we remember to wake up in time
Or the country as we know it will fall behind


Hamden, November 2010

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Words and Music by Steve Mednick ©2011 Steven G. Mednick/Prospect Hill Words and Music. ASCAP


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