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Something is out there, the peril and temptation
Tales of wreckage and falls from grace
Something is out there, in a land of bad choices
And disturbing truths and twists of faith
Something is out there

Something is out there in the fog and the shadows
There are creepy little men hiding in the trees
Something is out there, desolation of the spirit,
Words are hard as stones, I'm running late
Something is out there

Bridge 1
There is a man who lost his direction
Returned all his possessions
Gave up his mistresses and his gold
He moves at night in the darkness and the edges
He sees the anguished desperation
Of the indisposed
Something is out there

Something is out there, I’m waiting for tomorrow,
But as for me tomorrow never plays
Something is out there sitting right here before me
I can reach out and touch it, yet I never get to feel
Something is out there

Instrumental bridge

Something is out there, maybe it’s illusive
Yet I’ve come this far it must be for me
Something is out there the hatred and the anger
My eyes are closed yet I still can see
Something is out there


Instrumental outro

Hamden, February 2010

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Words and Music by Steve Mednick ©2011 Steven G. Mednick/Prospect Hill Words and Music. ASCAP


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