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Nothing is simple, nothing is as it seems
What you see before you may not be real
There may be something hidden behind or deep within
Even plain words may hide the truth

Of the things we’ve fashioned in the dawn of our days
The lightness and wonder when we gazed far away
The future was distant and now it has arrived full ablaze
The silence is upon us let us live full voices raised

The road may not lead to where you think it will
What you hear them say may not be true
When you know it’s behind…you might take certain risks
Or hold the line and keep the bridge in view

The pundits and clairvoyants, they write of this and that
Why do I let them get to me?
The liars and he anglers are flooding the airways
Their fall will come…just wait and see

Chorus (x2)

Hamden, April 2010

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Words and Music by Steve Mednick ©2011 Steven G. Mednick/Prospect Hill Words and Music. ASCAP


Immigrants…and Other Americans Reviewed by Muziekvenster

Steve Mednick...has a beautiful, velvety voice and poetic songs are invariably superior quality. Steve Mednick's a songwriter without really being noticed makes the most beautiful things. He started his musical career in 2006 and now has eight albums to his name.   "Immigrants and Other Americans" was co-produced by Eddie Seville on the album has joined on guitar, harp and percussion.

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