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They say there’s a fine place far across the oceans
Where dreams they come in color and hope is within reach
Maybe one day I’ll get there by wind and the sail
For now i can hunger for the boundless possibility

On the shores we have landed, now begins the journey
The time of light and darkness, the years of sweat and tears
The world has found a home in the land of dreams and freedom
Yet the shadows hide our faces when the story it is told

Chorus When will they write my chapters,
Of my voyage and the landing,
Of the places from where I traveled
And the memories in my heart?
If they cannot then I must do so
They will see the clear reflection
Of our history in the mirror
It is time to change the glass

Let’s lift the veil of darkness and open all the doors
While we breathe the air of freedom a mighty eagle soars
Who cares where you’ve come from or how you came to be
It’s time the sing the same song to the mystic chords of memory


New Haven-Middlebury, March 2009

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Words and Music by Steve Mednick ©2011 Steven G. Mednick/Prospect Hill Words and Music. ASCAP


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Steve Mednick...has a beautiful, velvety voice and poetic songs are invariably superior quality. Steve Mednick's a songwriter without really being noticed makes the most beautiful things. He started his musical career in 2006 and now has eight albums to his name.   "Immigrants and Other Americans" was co-produced by Eddie Seville on the album has joined on guitar, harp and percussion.

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