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Steve Mednick 

Type of instruments I play: Martin Acoustic Guitars (6 and 12 string); Stratocaster; Ric 12; Limitless supply of Lee Oskar and Hohner Harps; Roland Keyboard; and assorted percussion toys.  Music critic Mark Gould said that I sound “…at times like a cross between the best of Mark Knopfler and Warren Zevon, with a dash of Bruce Springsteen tossed in, for good measure”.  If I did I might give up the day job…thank you, Mark.  All I try to do is serve the song.

Type of instruments I wish I played: Hammond B-3 played by Steve Winwood (as if that would make a difference); and the fingers and soul of Jimi Hendrix (and that would make a difference).

The first album or single I ever bought with my own money:  I would like to say it was “Bob Dylan” or “With the Beatles”…but it probably was Chubby Checker (“The Twist”), Neil Sedaka (“I Live Right Next Door to an Angel”) or the Four Seasons (“Cherie”).

First concert I ever went to: Larry Rifkin (B.O.O.M. drummer) and I went to see the Four Seasons and Jimmy Soul at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury in 1964.

Best show I saw at the New Haven Coliseum: Rolling Thunder Revue.

CDs I'm currently listening to: Levon Helm, "Dirt Farmer"; Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, "Raising Sand"; Neil Youg, "Chrome Dreams II"; Richard Thompson, Sweet Warrior"; Robert Earl Keen, "Live at the Ryman: The Greatest Show Ever Been Gave"; Frank Carillo & The Bandeleros, "Someday"; Andy Bey, "ain't Necessarily So"; Marc Cohn, "Join the Parade"; and, demos from "Sunset At the Norht Pole" (homework, my next CD).

 Music I listen to when cleaning the bathroom: The “Mr. Clean” theme song somehow does it for me.

Album (or song) that changed my life: I’d like to say “The Times They Are “a Changin’” or “Blowing in the Wind” but “She Loves You” was the beginning of a new world for me and almost anyone who came of age during the ‘60s.

Inspiration to start playing: The Beatles, Dylan, The Kinks inspired Larry and me to form our band “The Avengers” in the 7th grade in 1965 (although I think Larry was actually inspired by the Dave Clark 5).

Game I always win: Trivial Pursuit ‘60s Rock Version.

Game I always lose: Scrabble when playing against my wife.

TV shows that suck me in: Deadwood, Letterman, Charley Rose.

What I'm reading: What I'm reading: Anne Enright, “The Gathering”; Walter Mosley, “Blonde Faith”; “The Letters of Arthur Schlessinger

Some of my favorite web sites: democracynow.org; crooksandliars.com; move on.org; guacfund.ord (Guacamole Fund); landyvision.com; newhavenindependent.org; folkscene.com; and musicbenefits.com.

If I could join another local band for a day it would be: Steel Rodeo, Eddie Seville is a great rock ‘n roll soul and that band kicks.

A few of the most memorable local music shows I’ve seen (and/or played) over the years: Dylan at the New Haven Arena in 1965 and Toad’s Place in 1990; James Taylor and Stephen Stills at Toad’s Place; CSN&Y, Freedom of Speech Tour, 2006; Richard Thompson at Edgerton Park in 2005; Steve Winwood, Palace Theater in Waterbury, 2005.

What I do when I’m not playing/writing songs: Practicing law


Immigrants…and Other Americans Reviewed by Muziekvenster

Steve Mednick...has a beautiful, velvety voice and poetic songs are invariably superior quality. Steve Mednick's a songwriter without really being noticed makes the most beautiful things. He started his musical career in 2006 and now has eight albums to his name.   "Immigrants and Other Americans" was co-produced by Eddie Seville on the album has joined on guitar, harp and percussion.

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